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The Wastewater (Sewer) Treatment Division operates the City's sewer plant, which treats an average of 4.7 millions gallons of sewer per day (the plant has a 10.5- to 13-million-gallons-per-day capacity). Division staff manages the different treatment aspects of the facility including state-certified laboratory facilities, the pretreatment program, and a compost process to get rid of bio-solids.


Wastewater System Reports

The annual wastewater report provides information about the performance of the City of Morganton wastewater system. The City's wastewater treatment system consists of a 10.5 million-gallon a day wastewater treatment plant, 15 sewer lift stations, and more than 200 miles of collection system!



Morganite Compost 

Morganite is a mixture of bio-solids and wood chips created at the City of Morganton Wastewater Treatment Plant. Morganite is great for use in flower beds, gardens, landscaping, fertilizing pasture land and tree nurseries and more. 

How's it made?

City Compost Operators mix bio-solids from the wastewater treatment plant with wood chips to build up large composting piles. Fresh air is forced through the compost pile with a blower. Natural bacteria, organisms and bugs decompose the materials and generate temperatures up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

Workers monitor the temperatures daily for more than three weeks and let the compost pile cure for an additional four to six weeks. Workers then screen the material to remove any large wood chips, and the final product is Morganite. 

How much does Morganite cost?

The Product is Free! Call the City’s Wastewater Treatment Plant at 828-438-5376 for product availability.



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