The City of Morganton provides a recyling center for residents, and curbside recycling services are offered by Simply Green.


Curbside Recycling Service

Simply Green Recycling Service provides curbside recycling in the City of Morganton. Visit their website at to learn more. Simply Green Recycling Service is not affiliated with the City of Morganton.



City Recycling Center

828-438-5248 | 101 Golf Course Rd., Morganton, NCi Google Maps 16x16

IMPORTANT NOTE: The City's recycling convenience center permanently closed July 15, 2020. 

There are still recycling sites provided by Burke County, which are paid for, staffed and maintained by taxpayer dollars. These centers are located at: 1679 N.C. 126; 3251 U.S. 64; 3836 N.C. 18 South; and 2500 Marsh Trail. The City encourages people to continue to recycle at the above facilities, or to contract with Simply Green to collect recycling from their homes.

What can be recycled?


Aluminum and steel cans: Generally, all beverage cans are made of aluminum.

Steel cans include soup cans and processed food cans.


Soda bottles, beer bottles, juice containers, condiment bottles, wine and liquor bottles and various glass food containers.

Do not recycle the following glass items: mirrors, crystal, light bulbs of any kind, window glass or drinking glasses.


Mixed paper: Includes practically every other type of paper that hasn't been in contact with food or waste. (Paper food wrappers or dirty tissue or paper towels should not be recycled.)

Newsprint: Inexpensive paper made from wood pulp used chiefly for newspapers.

Cardboard: The City does NOT accept cardboard recycling at the convenience center.


Plastics 1 & 2: Some plastics are easier to recycle than others. You can recycle plastics 1 and 2 at the City Recycling Center.

Generally, plastics 1 & 2 include plastic drinking bottles and milk jugs. To be sure your plastic can be recycled at the City site, look for a small recycle triangle on the bottle and check the number inside the triangle.


Plastics other than 1 and 2 should be reused ro disposed of in your regular trash.


There are no trash cans at the Recycling Center, and these centers can become trashy quickly. Please keep the Center clean for other users.

Residents should rinse out all containers with water and remove the lids from the glass and plastic containers before recycling the items.

Recyclables should be separated according to type and deposited into the correct container without any strings or paper or plastic bags. Paper bags can be recycled with mixed paper and plastic bags are collected for recycling at many area grocery stores. Please do not leave anything outside of the recycling trailers.

Often the City recycling stations have been used as dumping grounds for trash and non-recyclable items. Please contact the Department of Public Safety at 828-437-1211 if you see anyone illegally dumping trash.

City Contact


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