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In 2009, the Morganton City Council adopted an ordinance permitting and regulating the operation of golf carts on public streets within the City of Morganton. Registered golf carts can be driven on designated streets within the City of Morganton, after owners have received a Golf Cart Permit.



To apply, download the application and ordinance above. Complete the application and send it to the Public Safety Department along with a $25.00 application fee. After the application is reviewed and approved, the golf cart can be brought to the Public safety Headquarters for inspection. After a successful inspection, Public Safety will issue a permit/decal ($5.00 fee), which will be placed on the windshield or front area of the golf cart.

After review of application, an inspection of each cart will be conducted to ensure compliance with city ordinance safety requirements, to include, but is not limited to, proper equipment such as; rear-view mirror, two red rear reflectors at least 3 inches in height and width, a reflective “Slow Moving” sign on the rear of the cart, all manufacturer safety features are operable, etc.

All golf carts operating within the city limits of Morganton are required to be properly registered and must obey all traffic laws that apply to all motor vehicles operating on city streets. For example, golf cart operators must stop at stop signs and red lights, cannot operate on sidewalks, cannot turn left on red, etc. Failure to comply with North Carolina motor vehicle laws may result in the driver being issued a traffic citation. Failure to operate a golf cart within the city ordinance parameters may result in the driver being issued a civil citation.


Where are Registered Golf Carts Allowed?

Per the ordinance, Golf Carts are allowed on most streets in the City with a speed limit of 35 mph or less, during daylight hours, except for the following:

(a) Hours of Operation. Golf carts may be driven on approved public roads, streets and highways from sunrise until sunset, except that golf carts equipped with at least one operating headlight, having at least a 55 watt halogen, or equal, bulb on the front of the golf cart, and two (2) operating tail lights on either side of the rear of the golf cart, all of which are visible for a distance of not less than 250 feet, may be operated from one half hour before sunrise until one half hour after sunset.

Golf carts may not be operated when fog, smog, smoke or other conditions reduce visibility so that the golf cart is not visible for a distance of 250 feet.

(b) Streets. Golf carts may not be operated on any of the following streets or sections of any street except for the sole purpose of crossing such street either at a signalized intersection or at a perpendicular crossing at a through intersection:

(i) any street where the posted speed limit is more than 35 miles per hour, or
(ii) Kirksey Drive, or
(iii) Fleming Drive, or
(iv) Sanford Drive, or
(v) Independence Boulevard, or
(vi) Jamestown Road, or
(vii) East Union Street (Highway 70) east of its intersection with Fleming Drive, or
(viii) North Green Street (Highway 181) north or northwest of its intersection with Sanford Drive, or
(ix) North Carolina Highway 126, or 
(x) West Union Street west of its intersection with Sanford Drive, or
(xi) South Sterling Street (Highway 18) south of its intersection of Fleming Drive, or
(xii) Burkemont Avenue south of its intersection with Fleming Drive.

Golf carts shall not be operated in any manner, for any purpose, on Interstate 40.


Golf Cart Fees

  • Golf Cart Inspection Fee - valid for two consecutive years: $ 25.00
  • Golf Cart Inspection Sticker Fee - annual $ 5.00 


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