City of Morganton Board of Adjustment meetings are broadcast live on CoMPAS Ch. 2. The Board meets at Morganton City Hall located at 305 E. Union St. Suite A100, Morganton, NC i map.


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This business scheduled for the Oct. 10, 2016, BOA meeting was postponed to the following month due to technical issues with a conference call. The matter was resolved during the Nov. 2017 BOA meeting.



Agenda October 10th at 5:15pm
City Hall Council Chambers

Item 1: Call to Order ( staff will complete items 1&2--no current chair)
Item 2: Review and approval of the September 2015

Item 3: Election of Temporary or Permanent Chair

Item 4: Swearing in of persons wishing to give testimony

II. Old Business: None

III. New Business:

Item #1 The Morganton Board of Adjustment will hear a Interpretation request from CNG Sign Company , to decide the correct interpretation of the City of Morganton Sign Ordinance on what element constitutes a wall sign for correct measurement and compliance at 1219 Burkemont avenue.

Staff explanation of new business item.

IV. Other items.

V. Adjourn.

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