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The Catawba River Soccer Complex was constructed by the City of Morganton in 2000 and is approximately 30 acres. No pets are allowed in the soccer field areas.


  • Four (4) lighted regulation soccer / lacrosse fields
  • P├ętanque Courts
  • Dog Park
  • Field house with office
  • Concession stand
  • First aid room
  • Storage
  • 80-person picnic shelter
    • $100.00 for four hours
    • $25.00 each additional hour
    • Call 438-5350 to reserve
  • Multi-feature playground equipment
  • Greenway trail  


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Rental rates

$50.00 per 2 hour reservation ($25.00 each additional hour)
Nonprofit - $25.00 per 2 hours ($12.50 each additional hour per shelter)

Tree Guide

Morganton's Catawba River Greenway isn't just a great place to go for a walk or a bike ride, you can also learn to identify many of the trees along the path.

As part of an Eagle Scout project in the 1990s, the NC Cooperative Extension Service funded the Tree Identification Project. Eagle Scout Barrett Salisbury located and marked more than 30 different species of trees from the beginning of the greenway at Judge's Riverside to River Village. The guide shows the marker locations along the greenway and gives details about a specific tree species at each location. The markers are easily visible from the path. Naturalists of all ages will enjoy identifying the trees and collecting specimens.

You'll find: American Beech, American Holly, Basswood, Bitternut Hickory, Blackgum, Black Cherry, Black Locust, Black Walnut, Boxelder, Common Persimmon, Eastern Red Cedar, Eastern White Pine, Flowering Dogwood, Hackberry, Ironwood, Mulberry, Northern Red Oak and more!

i-Google-Maps-24x24Tree Guide on Google Maps!

i-Google-Maps-24x24Greenway on Google Maps!


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