The NCTC (National Cable Television Cooperative) is currently in negotiations with AMC Networks on our behalf to continue to offer their networks to you, including AMC, WE tv, IFC, and BBC America at a fair price. Instead of recognizing the difficult times we have all been through in the past year, AMC continues to put profits over people, and is asking our customers to pay increased fees. If you compare what they are demanding to the current cost of living increase, it is more than 8 times that amount – even though fewer of our customers are watching AMC’s networks than in the past. AMC is AMC Networks’ highest ranking channel on our system, ranking as the 31st most viewed channel. At the current proposed rates, it is readily apparent AMC Networks does not view this relationship as a partnership. Due to the drastically increased programming costs being pushed by AMC Networks, it is not recommended that we continue offering these channels to our customers.

You are not at risk of losing any of these networks prior to May 1st because AMC must contractually provide them through this date. We are working hard to give you the services you want at the best value possible.

Please visit or to find the latest information on our discussions.

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