With many people doing the right thing and staying home to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, the City of Morganton Public Works Department has noticed an increase in the volume of trash they are collecting each day. The Public Works Department would like to remind our citizens of some key guidelines that help keep our sanitation workers safe, and your garbage collected efficiently.

All garbage must be bagged in order to be collected. If the garbage is not bagged, it will not be collected. When garbage is not bagged, it presents a public health concern and puts our sanitation employees at risk. Loose contents in garbage cans spill out when our employees pick the cans up, causing the contents of the can to fall onto them, endangering their health.

Citizens should not use grocery or “big-box” store plastic bags to dispose of garbage. Instead, our Public Works Department requests citizens use proper garbage bags to be placed in garbage cans for pickup.

Garbage cans cannot be larger than 35 gallons, and must be replaced when they are damaged. If there are holes in the bottom of a garbage can, it must be replaced. The City does not provide garbage cans to its residents.

“We understand there is an increase in garbage disposal during this time. In order to best serve our customers, we need them to dispose of their trash properly,” said Public Works Director Scott Lookadoo. “We need our citizens’ help in order to keep our operation running smoothly, and our employees healthy.”

For more information on garbage collection guidelines, visit https://www.morgantonnc.gov/index.php/government/public-works/garbage-collection.

Loose garbage that is not bagged will not be collected.

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