Effective immediately, the City of Morganton will no longer offer cardboard recycling service at its convenience center located at 101 Golf Course Road. Citizens will still be able to use the convenience center to recycle cans, glass, paper, and plastic. The City has offered recycling services to its citizens at its convenience center since 1992.

Unfortunately, the cardboard recycling bins continue to be misused. Cardboard boxes are not disposed of properly, they are thrown around the collection containers haphazardly, and unrecyclable materials are often mixed in with recyclable cardboard, which causes the entire container to be contaminated and causes it to be disposed of as trash.

The contractor used by the City of Morganton to dispose of the cardboard in the collection containers has often been unable to empty the containers due to the contamination of the containers with regular trash. When the containers are contaminated with regular trash, the contractor is not allowed to collect it for recycling. This places the work on our Public Works staff, and results in our staff emptying the containers as regular trash.

Because of this, the City of Morganton is forced to discontinue cardboard recycling services immediately. The eight containers designated for collection of cardboard will be removed from the convenience center.

There are still cardboard recycling sites provided by Burke County, which are paid for, staffed and maintained by taxpayer dollars. These centers are located at: 1679 N.C. 126; 3251 U.S. 64; 3836 N.C. 18 South; and 2500 Marsh Trail.

The City encourages people to continue to recycle their cardboard at the above facilities. Citizens should remember to remove debris and flatten cardboard boxes before recycling them, and make sure they do not have a wax or plastic coating.

The cardboard collection containers at the City’s convenience center have been repetitively misused and overfilled.

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