Duke Energy will be performing work at a power substation it shares with the City of Morganton this weekend in order to replace some of its equipment. The City has worked ahead to prepare for this work being performed by Duke Energy, and has made arrangements to backfeed power to all City customers who are supplied power by this substation.

No City customers are expected to lose power as a result of this work, which will begin at 12 a.m. Sunday, April 7, and is expected to last approximately six hours. Some customers may experience a power blink that will last a few seconds when the work begins. In the event the work does cause a power outage, City crews will be on standby to restore power to City customers as rapidly as possible. The substation, located on Industrial Boulevard, supplies power to approximately 1,500 City customers. The planned work will be completed unless heavy rains hit the area.

The following locations are supplied power by the substation where the work is being performed: Creekside Drive, Cedarbrook Apartments, Mimosa Hills Drive, Greenbriar Lane, Grandview Court, Highlander Street, Country Club Drive, Jamestown Road, Hopewell Road, Industrial Boulevard, Silver Creek Road, Reep Drive, Walton Road, Dixie Boulevard, West Park Drive, Jamestown Village Apartments, Rockview Lane, Raintree Lane, Asheville Street, Raintree Drive, Colony Drive, Knob Creek Lane, Patton Street, Riverhills Drive, Edgewood Avenue, Romarco Road, Bolick Place, Independence Boulevard, Rhyne Street, Courtney Street, Burkemont Avenue, Morgan Hills Apartments, Forest Hill Street, Riverhills Drive, Falls Street, West Fleming Drive from Morganton Heights Shopping Center to Mull Oil, Ann Street, Carbon City Road, Cedar Street, Golf Course Road, Elm Street, Whitley Road, Oak Bluff Lane, Carbon Drive, Case Street, Cline Street, Normandy Drive, Air Park Drive, Glendale Street, Bowers Place, Brittain Drive, Brookwood Place, White Pine Lane, McEntire Avenue, Calvin Heights Street, Murphy Street, Coulter Street, Carbondale Lane, Myrtle Street, Greenlee Ford Road and Poplar Street.

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