The City of Morganton Parks and Recreation Department hosted a public meeting Thursday, April 20, 2017, to talk about the skate park project and get more input on the design. Brad Siedlecki, Pillar Design Studios, led the meeting and talked with skaters about their favorite elements for the park.

Siedlecki presented two options to the group – one design was very similar to the original idea shown during the December meeting, and the second design was a “faster” design that featured a doorway. (Designs from several companies where presented during the December meeting, and the Pillar design was the favorite by far.)

20170421 skate park meeting pillar DSC 1410

Brad Siedlecki, standing, Pillar Design Studios, talks about the latest skate park designs during the community meeting held Thursday, April 20, 2017, at the Mountain View Recreation Center.

The first design was focused more on street skating with elements you would find walking around a downtown such as stairs, rails, and curbs, and a “fun box”. The “fast design” design eliminated the stairs and some other elements from the fun box and included an arched doorway.

The skaters liked the idea of the doorway, but most seemed to want to keep the stairs and the fun box. Siedlecki said he’d work on combining the best elements from the two ideas into a final design.

Parks and Recreation Director Rob Winkler said the meeting went very well in his opinion, and the builders, Artisan Skate Parks, said they should have the skate park completed by the end of the year.

“The feedback from the public was very good,” Winkler said. “As we progress through the planning stage we will need to look at what we can afford as to our wish list. We are pushing for the fall for completion.”

20170421 overview 1 B

The Street Design features a stair case and rails and a fun box (bottom center). The design closely resembles the design presented during the December community meeting. 

20170421 overview 1 A

The Fast Design eliminates the stair case and rails and parts of the fun box, but adds a doorway and enclosed mini-ramp.

Check out other design and work from Pillar Design Studios and Artisan Skate Parks by visiting the website and social media accounts below. 

Pillar Design Studios

Artisan Skate Parks


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