February and March Dan Ahlrich - Painting

Dan Ahlrich received his Associates of Art from Middle Georgia College and his Bachelor of Arts, Concentration in Studio Art, from Georgia College and State University. Transplanted from Georgia, he now resides in Morganton and is an artist in residence at West Union Art Studios downtown. His Tablet Head and App-Men series are explorations of technology on social interaction. Dan’s work also includes traditional landscapes, points of interest and commissions, as well using recycled house windows for some of his paintings.

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April and May Three Sisters – Painting

Three Sisters (Thelma, Marie, and Loretta) Art Studio in Hickory North Carolina was born nine years ago with a desire to spend quality time with each other. After being self-taught and working together, the three sisters have spent many hours in workshops with renowned artists and have had the privilege of hosting artists in their own studio for workshops. Their preferred mediums are watercolor and oil.

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June and July Cindy Douglass – Mixed Media

Cindy uses mixed media of acrylic with clay pinwheels and copper accents which represent the currents behind her dreams, while her two dimensional Adventure Series paintings showcase small bits of remembered dreams. The Adventure Series is formalized into old school travel posters proclaiming the pleasures of travel and extreme sports.

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August and September Thomas Kelly Pauley – American Revolution Portrait Painting

After studying fine art, music, history and graphic design at West Virginia State University and the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and working in his own business, in local government and in the corporate world in Charlotte NC, Thomas Kelly Pauley now works full time as a portrait artist from his home studio in York, South Carolina. His work ranges from the historic to contemporary, and the occasional fantasy portrait. He has worked with clients and history groups to produce a substantial body of commissioned work including Civil War and Revolutionary War portraits that may be found in private collections and at Historic Sites and Museums in eight states.

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October and November Joseph Medina da Silva – Mixed Media


Joseph Medina da Silva, is a self-taught visual artist born on the island of Terceira in the Portuguese archipelago of the Azores. He has lived in Charlotte North Carolina since 1996 and during this time has been creating art in various mediums. Preferring to express himself through abstract painting and photography he also produces sculptured pieces using recycled materials. He has been engaged in various shows and presentations throughout North Carolina. Massachusetts and the Azores.

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December and January 2022 Tim Ambrose - Photography

Photography is a personal experience for Tim. For more than 40 years, the art of photography has allowed him to capture the way he looks at the world and share that perspective with others. The camera serves as a tool to allow Tim to share the subject, light, vantage point, perspective and sometimes the same feeling that caused him to stop for a moment to capture an image that will never be created again. He is constantly working to see the environment from a different perspective. Tim says he is pleased and quite honored when others take some pleasure in seeing the world through his eyes.

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