On 04-01-2020 officers responded to a disturbance call at 312 White Apt-C involving Dawson L. Hicks (W/M 03-18-1999) Dispatch advised officers that Hicks was destroying the inside of the residence. The officer responding to this address knew that Hicks has a violent past (attempted suicide with a firearm, assault on law enforcement kicking an officer in the face while serving an involuntary commitment, and domestic violence charges). When officers arrived at this location officers came into to contact with Hicks who was intoxicated and had assaulted his 73 year old grandmother Betty Hudson. Ms. Hudson advised that Hicks was drunk and he was throwing her around. (Ms. Hudson suffered from several broken bones in her arm). While officers were inside the residence Susie Hicks, Dawson’s mother advised “He needs to go to jail”. PSO Gates had Hicks step outside on the concrete porch where he had him to sit down in a rocking chair. Hicks stood up and got in PSO Gates’ face. PSO Gates pushed Hicks back down in the rocking chair at this point Hicks jumped up and started kicking and assaulting PSO Gates. PSO Gates grabbed ahold of Hicks to keep from being assaulted. During this encounter PSO Gates and the suspect fell into the doorway and on the concrete porch. PSO Gates struck his head on the metal door frame and both of his knees struck the concrete. While on the ground Hicks grabbed ahold of PSO Gates’ gun belt but PSO Gates was able to get Hicks’ hand off of his gun belt. Hicks then spit on PSO Gates and it landed on PSO Gates left shoulder and face area. PSO Gates and Rivera held the suspect down until other officers arrived on scene and helped secure him. Burke EMS was called to the scene to evaluate the grandmother (Ms. Hudson) and PSO Gates. Ms. Hudson was transported to the hospital by her daughter Susie Hicks. PSO Gates was transported to the hospital by Burke Co EMS where he was treated and released for minor injuries.   


Dawson Hicks was charged and placed under a $5,000.00 secured bond in the Burke County Jail for the following charges;


Misdemeanor Assault on a female


Misdemeanor Resist, Delay, or Obstruct a Public Officer


Misdemeanor Assault on Government Official



Dawson Hicks was also charged for Felony Assault Inflicting Serious Bodily Injury and placed under a $10,000.00 secured bond. He as a first appearance court date for 4-08-20