The serenity of a quiet, rainy afternoon, along with a bedroom window, was shattered by a bullet on Saturday, December 1, 2018. Kevin Ross told public safety officers that he heard the shot and found the bullet in the bedroom of his house. He and his girlfriend were the only people in the house when the bullet crashed through the window. Several witnesses saw a black vehicle with tinted windows speed away from the area just after they heard a gunshot. Other witnesses told police who the shooter was and the area he may be going to. Public Safety received the first call at 3:55 pm. Public safety officers began an area search for the vehicle and located it at 118 Lenoir Road.

   Officers converged on the house and, after a brief discussion with the resident, obtained consent to search the house for the suspect. The suspect, Richard Hidalgo, was found by officers to be hiding in the house and was taken into custody without any further incident. Hidalgo already had a warrant for his arrest from Gaston County prior to this incident for an unrelated charge. The pistol used in the shooting was not initially found.

   Investigators obtained a search warrant and, along with patrol officers, searched the house again, this time to find the weapon used. The pistol was found after an extended search when Hidalgo finally told investigators where he hid it.  The shooting allegedly stemmed from a domestic dispute between Hidalgo and his ex-girlfriend on Rockyford Street. Hidalgo was not shooting at the Ross house, but rather at the car his ex-girlfriend was driving. The bullet missed the car, which contained two children, and struck the Ross house.

  No charges have been filed against the residents of 118 Lenoir Road at this time. Hidalgo was interviewed, charged and placed in the custody of the Burke Catawba Detention Center under a 50,000 dollar bond. No one was injured in the shooting incident and the investigation is ongoing.