Additional information has been released concerning the fatal vehicle collision on College St at Collette St that occurred on 12/14/2017. The vehicle crash involved a Dodge Journey SUV and a Kia passenger car. The Dodge had 6 passengers in it, which included the driver and one additional adult passenger along with 4 juveniles.

Driver – Bryant D. Dennis, 26 years of age, Rutherford College

Adult Passenger- Alessia Dennis, 26 years of age, Rutherford College

4 Juveniles ranging in ages from 2 months to 14 years of age.


The Kia passenger car had two occupants, the driver and a front passenger.

The driver is Peggy H. Belcher, 40 years of age, Granite Falls NC. The passenger is a 17 year old of the same address.


As previously reported, the case is still under investigation. Once all facts are gathered and the accident reconstruction is complete, the investigating officer will present this case to the District Attorney’s Office.