PSO K-9 S.J. Huffman was on patrol close to midnight on 10/28/2017.  PSO Huffman was waiting on a traffic light at the intersection of East Union and North Green St.  When the light changed green, PSO Huffman was in the straight lane to pass by the Historic Burke Courthouse.  As Huffman slowly entered the intersection, a brown Chevrolet pickup truck entered into Huffman’s lane, sideswiping the K9 Tahoe vehicle. 

PSO Huffman immediately called in the crash and conducted a vehicle stop on the Chevrolet truck.  Huffman made contact with the driver, Jay Mayer.  Mayer was aware that he had struck a patrol car and apologized to PSO Huffman.

As PSO Huffman was speaking with Mayer, she recognized a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage on his breath.  PSO Huffman asked Mayer to complete some standardized field sobriety test, to which he performed poorly. 

PSO Huffman arrested Mayer and transported him before a Burke County Magistrate, where a custody release was ordered. 

Jay Joseph Mayer, age 34 of Morganton, NC was charged with the following offenses:

Driving While Impaired

Careless and Reckless Driving

Safe Movement Violation


His court date is 01/10/2018