A Morganton Public Safety Officer was physically attacked during a license check this past weekend.  MDPS patrol officers were conducting a license checking station at the intersection of Jamestown Rd and Carbon Dr. Saturday night 10/21/17 at approximately 11pm. 

A blue Ford Contour driven by Nelson Montgomery of Forest City, NC approached the checkpoint and produced a NC license to Sergeant Edwards.  Sgt. Edwards immediately noticed a strong odor of Marijuana coming from inside the vehicle.  Sgt. Edwards asked Montgomery to pull his vehicle to the side of Carbon Dr. in an effort to investigate the odor of Marijuana. 

Sgt. Edwards asked Montgomery to exit his vehicle and initiated conversation about the odor of Marijuana coming from his vehicle.  Montgomery stated that a passenger had smoked Marijuana, but (he) didn’t have any Marijuana in his possession.  Sergeant Edwards explained that he was going to conduct a probable cause search due to (Montgomery) being the only occupant inside the vehicle and the smell of Marijuana.  While Sgt. Edwards was searching Montgomery, (Montgomery) reached for his crotch area, after being warned to keep his hands on the vehicle.  Sergeant Edwards detected an item of suspicious contraband in Montgomery’s pelvic region and asked (him) to place his hands behind (his) back.

Montgomery ignored Sgt. Edwards directions to place his hands behind his back and took off running towards Carbon City Rd.  Sgt. Edwards was able to grab Montgomery’s sweater in an effort to arrest him.  Montgomery turned towards Sgt. Edwards and began swinging his fist at Sgt. Edwards, striking Edwards on the side of his face.  Montgomery grabbed Sgt. Edwards duty gear belt (magazine pouch and pistol/holster).  Sgt. Edwards was able to push Montgomery off of his belt, but Montgomery continued his attack.  During the attack, Sgt. Edwards was able to strike Montgomery to the degree that (Montgomery) fell to the ground.  Sgt. Edwards, now joined by PSO W. Miller, PSO Dale and PSO Bess attempted to restrain Montgomery on the ground.  Montgomery continued to actively and aggressively resist arrest.  Montgomery was finally handcuffed and searched.  PSO Dale located Methamphetamine and Marijuana inside a pill bottle, concealed in Montgomery’s pelvic region. 

Burke EMS was called to the scene to evaluate Montgomery’s abrasions from the struggle, but he refused treatment.

Sgt. Edwards suffered a shoulder injury during the attack.  Additionally, Sergeant Edwards magazine pouch was ripped from his belt, which serves as an example of this violent attack. 

Nelson Cornwell Montgomery, 12/09/1956 of 267 Seitz Dr. Forest City, NC was charged with the following:

-Possession of Methamphetamine (7.7gm)

-Possession of Marijuana (9.4gm)

-Assault on a Government Officer

-Damage to City Property

-Resist, Obstruct Delay

Montgomery’s bond was set at $14,000 secured, with a first appearance of 10/23/2017