At approximately 230pm on Wednesday, October 11th, 2017, Morganton Public Safety Officers were dispatched to a gas drive off from Quality Plus gas station on Carbon City Road.  The clerk at Quality Plus provided the dispatcher with a tag number, vehicle and suspect description, which was a gold-colored Honda Accord with tinted windows.  The suspect was described as a slim white male wearing a ball cap.  When dispatch searched the tag number in DMV database, a stolen vehicle response was alerted.  Dispatch made responding officers aware that the vehicle was reported stolen.

PSO J.Hunt was traveling towards the Quality Plus on Independence Blvd. when the suspect vehicle passed him.  PSO Hunt turned around to verify the suspect vehicle.  PSO Hunt reported that the suspect vehicle accelerated on Independence Blvd. and turned onto Wamsutta Mill Rd.  PSO Hunt was having difficulty catching up to the vehicle due to its’ high rate of speed.  PSO Hunt could see that the suspect vehicle turned onto North Green Street heading towards the Post Office.  As the Honda approached the Post Office, the traffic light was red in its’ direction of travel.  The suspect fled through the intersection and turned left onto Sanford Dr.  PSO Hunt pursued the suspect on Sanford Drive for a short distance before turning onto Bouchelle Street.  PSO Hunt Lost sight of this suspect vehicle as he turned onto Bouchelle St and felt confident that the vehicle was close by.

Several MDPS officers including PSO K-9 Huffman and her partner Jaros converged on the area, checking side roads and driveways.  Within 10 minutes, PSO Holland spotted the suspect vehicle at 109 Douglas Drive.  The Honda had pulled into a carport at the residence.  PSO Holland notified other officers and a perimeter was established around the house.  When PSO’s arrived, they encountered a younger female (Alexis Greybeal) at the residence.  After questioning the female PSO’s felt (she) was being dishonest about the suspect’s whereabouts.  Officers conducted a safety sweep of the residence in an effort to locate the suspect.  K9 Jaros indicated to human presence in a clothes dryer in the basement.  Inside the dryer a white male matching the description of the suspect was located and taken into custody.  The suspect was identified as Preston Green 12/15/1993 of Lenoir. 

During the safety sweep Schedule 1 and 2 narcotics were located, along with other drug paraphernalia. 

Preston Green had three warrants from Lenoir pending service.  These warrant were served at the magistrates office.  Additional charges include:

Felony Speed to Elude Arrest, Speeding more than 15 over the speed limit, careless and reckless driving, possession of a stolen motor vehicle, larceny of motor fuel, resisting arrest and other related traffic offenses.  His bond totals $147,000.  A first appearance is scheduled for 10/12/2017

Alexis Graybeal 03/02/1994 of Morganton was charged with harboring a fugitive, felony possession of schedule 1 and 2 controlled substances and possession of drug paraphernalia.  Her bond is $27,500 secured with an initial appearance of 10/12/2017.


Lenoir Police Department secured the stolen vehicle for processing before returning to the rightful owner.