A small section of the eastbound lanes of W. Fleming Drive between Morganton Heights and Burkemont Avenue will remain closed until the road can be paved. Eastbound traffic should use the center turning lane. Please be cautious when driving in the area.

City staff closed the section of W. Fleming Drive yesterday, Monday, Oct. 9, 2017, to repair a water line break. The break lifted a section of the asphalt several inches and workers had to remove part of the road to repair the line. 

City staff and NCDOT officials have to thoroughly inspect the road base before paving. The City is working with NCDOT to inspect, repave, and reopen the lanes as soon as possible.

20171010 w fleming drive water line breakDSC 3316

Drivers heading east on W. Fleming Drive must merge into the center turning lane just before Burkemont Avenue.


20171010 w fleming drive water line breakDSC 3324

City crews and contractors removed a large section of pavement on Fleming Drive yesterday to repair a water line break.


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